Powerboat Championships, Key West 2010, Boats Are Airborne & Roaring

Powerboat Championships, Key West 2010, Boats Are Airborne & Roaring

3:37 pm

Momentarily airborne at 100mph, then landing with a resounding thump, you can hear and feel the excitement of the drivers and spectators watching as the powerboats fly by! More than 50 boats participated in Wednesday’s World Championship event. The action continues today and Sunday, Nov. 14th, with leading American and International teams competing in the high-speed races.

A portion of the challenging 6.5-mile course runs through Key West Harbor, meaning smooth water where racers can reach speeds above 140 mph.  Fans can watch from grandstand areas on Key West’s Truman Waterfront; sitting so close you can practically feel the salt spray as the boats roar by.

Varying water conditions along the course allow race teams the chance to test both equipment endurance and hull and propulsion design during the season-ending championship series. Boats compete in 14 classes including the favorite  ‘Superboat Unlimited’ class.

The weather is perfect and we’re heading down to the harbor, a few blocks away from   Albury Court, in about an hour. If you can’t join us, you can watch live, streaming video here.

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