Gingerbread House Build-A-Thon

Gingerbread House Build-A-Thon

3:21 pm

This year we are excited to be sponsoring the Gingerbread House Building Party being held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Saturday, Dec. 17, at The Oldest House, located at 322 Duval Street. We are rooting for a few historical or tropical versions with edible palm trees, architectural eyebrow arches, snow & picket fences!

Those who have entered this contest before recommend bringing your own special supplies to augment the basics provided to all entrants, including shredded wheat (perfect for thatch roofs); shredded coconut (great-looking fake snow); Necco wafers (perfect for roof tiles and they come in various colors). Marshmallows and ice cream cones are also often used in the construction of snow women & men that surround some gingerbread house designs.

All the houses built during the event will go home with their builders to be shared among family, friends and neighbors.

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