Fantasy Fest Update, October 28

Fantasy Fest Update, October 28

12:18 pm
Out front at Chelsea House, looking toward Truman Avenue.

Watch the Masquerade March on Friday from the front garden at Chelsea House.

Wednesday, October 28  – Mid-way thru Fantasy Fest 2009

I can already tell you Fantasy Fest 2009 will be one of the best.  All the inns are full at this point for the remainder of the festival…more visitors are arriving in town each day.  The weather is fantastic.

Its great to see our guests rolling in with their latest costume creations in tow.  For those that packed light, there are many places to get a last minute costume (or not) or find some beads to throw around your neck.  Parties are happening every day all around Old Town.

The body paint shops have become one of the big attractions during Fantasy Fest, as many people choose to have their “costume” sprayed on, as opposed to, well, wearing a costume.  Key West has many talented artists that set up temporary “paint shops” for Fantesy Fest with air-brush guns and body paint.  Hanging out to watch these artists in action and to watch their subjects bare their canvas has become a popular activity during the festival.  For anyone that wants to do this I would recommend setting up an appointment with the artist.  The artists tend to be very busy.  They can paint subjects for 18 hours a day, if they have the stamina, during the last three days of FF.

The Masquerade March is coming up on Friday, and we are busy getting ready at Merlin Guesthouse and Chelsea House.  Both inns are on the parade route and are official stopovers.  We have DJ’s that will be playing tunes for the event, and Andy (our manager at Chelsea House) will be grilling hotdogs this year.  But, the main attraction at our Stopover Parties is our Rum Punch, which we will be serving to all who stop by.  We have named this year’s recipe our Fang Banger.  It’s all free, so stop by and have a drink with us.

I promise to take some pictures and videos on Friday during the Masquerade March.  I will post some here, so stop by later and check it out.


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2 Responses to Fantasy Fest Update, October 28

  1. Judy Phelps says:

    Can’t wait to see some pictures. Also, has anyone invented “beverage mail”, so you can send me a Fang Banger?
    I’ll be there next year! Sorry I missed 2009.

  2. Ardrey says:

    Can't wait to see some pictur3s. Apso, has anyone invented "beverage mail", so you can send me a Fang Banger?
    I'll be thwre next year! Sorry I missed 2009.;

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