Parrotheads at Historic Key West Inns

Parrotheads at Historic Key West Inns

8:43 pm
Kelly McGuire sets the mood for a lazy afternoon filled with music.

Kelly McGuire Sets the Mood for a Lazy Afternoon Filled With Music

The 2009 “Meeting of the Minds” is underway in Key West and all of the Historic Key West Inns are filled with Parrotheads (these are Jimmy Buffet fans, for those of you new to the scene).  I just came from Lighthouse Court over on Whitehead Street, where Kelly McGuire is leading his daily afternoon jam session in the central courtyard.  About 200 music lovers are gathered there at the moment, hanging out around the pool enjoying the show.   Josh is behind the bar mixing up key lime margaritas and other adult libations while Andy is at the grill on cheeseburger duty.  It looks like everyone is having a great time.

At Key Lime Inn this morning, the local Parrothead Club in residence there arranged for their own live concert around the pool.  Here is video on our Youtube channel of them gettin’ the groove. This MOTM is looking like a songwriters festival.  There is excellent live music all around and a lot of guests with smiles on their faces….  This is what makes an innkeeper happy.

Relaxing by the Pool While Kelly and the Band Grooves

Relaxing by the Pool While Kelly and the Band Jams

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