There is a New Furry Friend at Historic Key West Inns

There is a New Furry Friend at Historic Key West Inns

2:39 pm
Solomon's Arrival

Solomon's Busy At Work...

Solomon is the newest addition to our Historic Key West Inns family, arriving today from All Animal Clinic.  He is a four week old puppy, a mix of  Labradoodle (mom) and Australian Shepherd (dad), which means those big paws are going to come in handy!  The mother died giving birth, leaving Solomon an orphan.  His new Dad is our Director of Operations,  Marlon Garnett, who received a call from the vet’s office requesting he provide a new home for the puppy.  Solomon is still being bottle fed, and is a bit woozy today from his first shot. Everyone here is excited about the new arrival.  We will all see  him most days as he accompanies Marlon to work.

It is time to change the name of Chelsea House?

Chelsea House Pool & Gardens, one of the five Historic Key West Inns, was named over 30 years ago for one of the owners cats, who was a British Shorthair named Chelsea.  Now that Chelsea is no longer with us… it time for an update of the name to our latest furry friend?  Well, we have many furry friends around here and they are all special to us……so I think we will stay with tradition and keep the Chelsea name.

If you have a beloved pet that you like to travel with,  Chelsea House is our pet friendly hotel in Key West.  We have designated  13 of the 34 guest rooms as pet friendly.  These rooms all open directly to the outside and have hardwood or tile flooring.  There is plenty of room around the Chelsea grounds for walking your pet, and we’ve placed doggie “convenience stations” with plastic bags and waste disposal around the property.  Chelsea accepts most varieties of pets, including cats, dogs, birds, and goldfish (does anyone travel with their goldfish?)…..  When planning a trip to Key West with your pet please call the hotel directly at 800-845-8859 to check availability of the pet friendly rooms, and to answer all your questions about house rules and accommodations.

Our Other Key Lime Inn Office Friend, Lucky Dog

Our Other Key Lime Inn Office Friend, Lucky Dog

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