Our Key Lime Inn Fifty Years Ago Today

Our Key Lime Inn Fifty Years Ago Today

1:55 pm

Here is the pool we added. Are you ready for your afternoon swim!

Here’s a look into our Key Lime Inn fifty years ago today when it was called the Cactus Terrace Motel: you could actually pull your car right up to your room. Since then, we’ve added a pool, landscaping and much, much more.

The Old 'Cactus Terrace Motel', circa 1960

Our current 'Key Lime Inn' with added private cottages and lush landscaping

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One Response to Our Key Lime Inn Fifty Years Ago Today

  1. Robert Bump says:

    OMG. I remember visiting this hotel 2 or 3 days around Labor Day 1959. Our family and the family of one of my dad’s co-workers came here. I was nine, but I remember the place and name.
    I remember that there was no TV in the room. There was an outdoor TV in a housing mounted on a tall antenna tower, over at the recreation area. I remember shuffleboard courts. I remember the electric antenna rotor, I’d never seen one before, and seeing television shows from Cuba. It was funny to see “I Love Lucy” where not only Ricky, but everyone else “spoke” Spanish .. the others were dubbed in.

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