Royal Poinciana's and Beautiful, Blue Water in Key West This Week

Royal Poinciana's and Beautiful, Blue Water in Key West This Week

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We love when the Royal Poinciana’s are in bloom here at Chelsea House as the sun shines through the vibrant orange flowers and lands on the orange carpet below. Here are some of the trees that are adding such beautiful color to three of Chelsea House’s historic buildings and around the parking lot area.

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Our beautiful Florida Keys have not been impacted by the Gulf  Oil spill. The beaches are warm, the water is refreshing and perfect for a plunge, fishing is terrific, jet ski’s are flying and drinks are flowing!

Here is a video that was filmed June 12 – 13 which gives you a current view of  the area. Check it out here Key West is Still Your Favorite Vacation Place.

One of our favorite things to do is sail around our island waters.

Here is a wonderful description about a full-moon sail written by our favorite poet, Vicki, who is in the reservations department at Key Lime Inn.

” Full Moons inspire all sorts of activities in Key West. Duval Street Galleries host wine tastings and art openings, couples stroll the beaches hand in hand, and the kayaker’s don headlamps and paddle into the night, but this April full moon brought about a special treat. For this month’s full moon, Adirondack II, a gorgeous sailing schooner from Manhattan, hosted a full moon sail that departed from the Historic Seaport. As we set sail from this fascinating historic area of the island, the amber light of the moon was parting a patch of thin high clouds rising over the ocean. The crew and captain took this time to introduce us to the boat and its safety and convenience features, such as fully flushing heads, life jackets, and beer coolers. Throughout the sail the crew carefully attended each guest’s needs, providing a variety of cold refreshing beverages; including beer, wine and champagne. Despite a bit of ambient light from the shoreline, the captain provided a brief and interesting astronomy lesson, identifying the visible constellations and stars. Guests on board were able to view the planet Venus, the belt of Orion, the Big and Little Dippers and the Dog Star.

Rounding the jetty at the outer edge of the Historic Seaport, the wind picked up enough for the captain to cut the engine and have the crew hoist the sails. The Adirondack II cruised peacefully through the Gulf heading for the South Eastern tip of island toward Fort Zachary. For over an hour, the calm breezes of the Gulf eased our double-mast vessel through the night over smooth, glass-like waters. The lights of Mallory Square signaled our return to the civilized side of Paradise, and as we took the turn into the Seaport’s Harbor the melodies of the outdoor musicians wafted aboard, reminding us that with the night young and the moon full and high, the Key West adventure had only just begun . It was a night well worth howling for!”

We’ll see you soon!

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