This Is The Way To Celebrate The 4th Of July!

This Is The Way To Celebrate The 4th Of July!

11:06 am

I have to say that it is really beautiful here today and the forecast for this 4th of July weekend will be perfect!  Great celebrations all around.

Here is a new video which shows the current underwater conditions for swimming, snorkeling, diving and fishing off our island waters. Last week, some divers were swimming with the turtles.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK | This is the Underwater World of the Florida Keys!

This Sunday marks July 4th 2010, and what a day it should be! Hopefully even after your relaxing days on the water, you will still be left with a sliver of energy to enjoy the festivities the fourth should bring: great friends, good food, and of course, a smokin’ fireworks show come nighttime.  Once again the Key West Rotary Club will be providing a dazzling fireworks display from the White Street Pier on the south side of the island, over the Atlantic Ocean.  They usually begin shortly after sunset.

Bring your blanket and we’ll see you there!

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