TS Bonnie Is A Bust For Key West

TS Bonnie Is A Bust For Key West

10:15 am

It’s another beautiful day here in Key West. 

We are officially under a tropical storm warning for “Bonnie”, but there is nothing going on in our corner of the earth as of 10am EDT Friday July 23.  Last night on my drive home to Big Pine Key, I spotted a Miami Channel 4 satellite truck headed down to Key West.  Those Miami reporters love to stand on Duval Street with their rain slickers on and tell the world how Key West is bracing for another tropical event….  I guess they made the trip for nothing this time.  On my commute back into Key West this morning I passed the Channel 4 truck again… on their way home to Miami where the “storm” actually went.

Bonnie looks like a quick rain event for Miami at worst.  It’s already inland over Miami this morning and is moving fast to the northwest.  It will be past Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico by this afternoon.  In Key West we’re getting nothing but our usual beautiful, balmy breezes!


Reporting from Key Lime Inn, 725 Truman Ave, Key West.

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