Key West New Year's Eve Celebration

Key West New Year's Eve Celebration

12:32 pm

December 31, 2007 

There are a variety of exciting New Year’s Eve events in historic Key West, Florida. Not to be outdone by revelers in New York, there is a conch shell drop, a pirate “wench” drop from a 110-foot sailboat mast or a Red High Heel Drop featuring a drag queen. The conch shell drops at Sloppy Joe’s bar, the wench at Schooner Wharf Bar and the high heel at Bourbon St. Pub/New Orleans House. Fireworks are at the end of White Street Pier over Key West Harbor. Admission and minimum charges apply to Sloppy Joe’s and Bourbon Street Pub (upper Duval Street in the 700-800 block). Sloppy Joe’s is at the end of Duval Street (201 Duval) and The Schooner Wharf is at 200 Seaport Harbor walk (202 William Street).

Anything goes New Year’s Eve in Key West on Duval Street… you’ll find people all decked out for the midnight celebration, and folks still in their bathing suits when “something” drops from “somewhere”! Before so many interesting “droppings” around town, everyone would just wander up and down Duval and celebrate before and after their watches read midnight… now everyone has a purpose, depending upon their preference, and it’s easy to get “in sync” on this tiny island where the fun never stops!

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