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Key Lime Inn – Extended Weekend In Key West

We enjoyed our trip to Key West and the Key Lime Inn.  Having never been to Key West we really didn’t know what to expect, and weren’t disappointed.  When we checked into the Key Lime Inn, we were greeted, got some of our questions answered on where to start our visit, and directed to our room.  The air conditioning unit servicing the room was rather loud (although we didn’t complain as there really wasn’t anything that could be done to mask the sound).  The room was spacious and well appointed.  We had a room with a shared deck and met a nice couple from Chicago later in our stay.

There were two things that disappointed us about the Key Lime Inn (in addition to the noisy AC unit), one was the quality of the continental breakfast.  For the price that we paid for our stay, we thought that something better could be done.  Bagels, toast, cold cereal, and hard boiled eggs don’t cut it in our book.  We’ve traveled a lot and had much better (we ended up going out to breakfast several days of our visit).  The second thing was having to pay for parking (we did know going in we’d have to pay).  Again, for the price paid for the room, parking could be thrown in.

As for favorite restaurants, Firefly Key West was great, as was Santiago’s Bistro.  Both were excellent, with great service and great food.

Would we come back the Key Lime Inn (or one of the sister properties) or recommend it/them to a friend?  Probably, yes.  There are just a few things we think could be improved upon, to make the guests stay just a bit more pleasant (not that it was all that bad to start).  Thanks for a great extended weekend!

By: on May 8, 2017
Hotel Reviewed: Key Lime Inn

4 / 5