Jets, Battles & Music Fest In Key West

Blue Angels Key West

The Blue Angels Are Back To Rock The Skies!


Have you ever felt the power of a jet soaring overhead or seen a ballet in the sky? It is really thrilling! The U.S. Navy flight demonstration team, the Blue Angels, and other military and civilian aerial performances will be at the Key West Naval Air Station on Saturday and Sunday, March 23rd and 24th for their spectacular, FREE, air show. For a small town, Key West has a lot of fun events to experience. Please let our front desk staff know what you would like to do and they will be happy to help arrange it for you. Come join us soon! Make your reservation directly with one of our hotels 800.549.4430 today!


Conch Republic FlagUpcoming Key West Events

Conch Republic Independence Celebration
April 19th – 28th
Key West Songwriter’s Fest  
May 1st – 5th 
Battle In The Bay Dragon Boat Fest
May 11th

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Papa Hemingway Look-Alike Contest ~ Now thru June 22nd


If you think you look like “Papa” Hemingway you could win:

1) A trip to Key West to attend the Hemingway Days Festival

2) A stay at our Cypress House Hotel

3) A day of fishing in the Key West Marlin Tournament and more great prizes.

Enter here:

Submit your original photo by 11:59 PM on June 22!

Help us find the best “Papa” by sharing with your friends…

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Read A Book About Key West On This Rainy Day!

Rain is in the forecast all day today and tomorrow so I was thinking that it’s a perfect reason to head over to Key West Island Books at 513 Fleming Street to pick up some books written about Key West. Here are some of our favorites.


We are excited about this one because it has the name of our own Cypress House Hotel. It’s the story of Arlen Wagner who wakes up on a train one hot Florida night and sees death’s calling card in the eyes of his fellow passengers. He abandons the train with fellow passenger Paul Brickhill and soon they find themselves in a rural jail, then stranded at the Cypress House, directly in the path of a hurricane. Rebecca Cady owns the roadhouse but the only guests she has in-house have been hand-picked by the local sheriff. It’s suspenseful and a fun read, especially if you’re staying at Cypress House with us!



Many who come to Key West are inspired by the story of the Bahama Conch, Merlin Albury, and his family. Carl Hiassen paid homage, of sorts, and our Merlin Guesthouse and Albury Court Hotel have been named in honor of him as well.

Key West is a smuggler’s paradise. Breeze Albury is the best fishing captain running contraband on the Rock. But he wasn’t always that way. Breeze Albury was basically an honest guy until the Machine (the Cubans) and a group of Colombians set him up for a deep mess. When nearly all his trap lines are cut while his bills pile up, Breeze takes a side job delivering a load of pot and realizes, too late, that he’s been set up as the fall guy.

Corruption, bad cops, smugglers, drug lords, and Conchs. It’s a funny, savvy, fast-paced thriller that gives a nod to old Key West history and lore.



This is Mike Dennis’ first novel of a trilogy that he says “takes you inside the world of Key West noir, a world tucked way back in the shadows, where the tourists never go.”

I really liked this book, noir is one of my favorite genres, and can’t wait to read the next two. The story stakes place in a Key West of the year 1991. Don Doyle is a tough, savvy Conch grifter who just got out of prison, where he served three years for a diamond con that went sour. Now he’s back to collect his $200,000, but the money has vanished, tied up in “investments” that seem fishy. A local family dynasty, a cop with a bad attitude, the FBI, and the Russian mob all have a stake in the action. They’re convinced Cuba is on the verge of “opening up”, and they all want Doyle either gone or back in prison.

But Doyle’s got his friends Shimmy and Dr. Chicago to help him out.  Lots of fun!



Lastly there is Hemingway’s only novel that is set in the U.S. and in Key West, where he wrote it. I have read several of his books and couldn’t decide if I loved it or hated it. You’ll have to let me know what you think.

It’s 1937 and Harry Morgan, a fishing boat captain who runs blackmarket goods between Cuba and Key West, is broke and desperate. He makes a critical decision to smuggle Chinese immigrants into Florida in order to feed his family and kills the person in charge of getting them there. Lots of soul searching follows and maybe he was correct in his statement overall: “No man alone now has got a bloody fucking chance.”

This novel was made into a film in 1944 starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. I haven’t seen that version yet, but have put it on my list.

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Cypress House Now One Of Historic Key West Inns’ Hotels


We are very excited to announce the addition of the Cypress House to our collection of boutique hotels in Key West! This former estate property includes two Classic Bahamian Conch Style houses and one Grand Conch Mansion, dating from 1888 and 1895, that stand on a quarter acre of lush, tropical gardens. A continental breakfast and nightly wine & lemonade hour are included with your room.

Kristy Wilson, on the left, is our manager and Denice Suriner is one of our front desk associates. They have been working hard reorganizing the reception area and putting some new chairs around the heated lap pool today!

You can find more information on this beautiful hotel here.

Come join us soon!

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Food & Wine Festival Starts Thursday!

During this year’s festival we are going to feature one of our favorite wines from the Veneto region of Italy, Bolla Pinot Grigio, at our Lighthouse Court Cafe & Mojito Bar. This light and refreshing wine has a delicate bouquet with aromas of peach, melon, pear and lime, making it an excellent choice for sipping by the pool on a balmy Key West day. Scott will have several tempting appetizers available as well to pair with it and our other cocktails.

DAILY: Enjoy poolside Happy Hours at our Cafe & Mojito Bar from 12PM – 6PM. Peter will be happy to make you a ‘Blue Long Island Iced Tea’, a ‘Key Lime Mojito’ our new favorite, or your favorite libation! Come try our delicious drinks or just relax the day away under the sunshine at the pool with your family & friends. You can find a list of festival events and available tickets here.

The Lighthouse Court Cafe & Mojito Bar is located at 902 Whitehead Street, across from the Hemingway House.

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Key West Could Be Sunned-In For Next Several Weeks!

Just heard on the news that Key West could be sunned-in for the next several weeks! It could get really rough! Residents and sun worshiping visitors have been urged to proceed quickly to the nearest beach or tiki bar for further instructions. Don’t forget your sunscreen & flip-flops! We are asking our friends & relatives to the north to keep us in their thoughts! Or…you could come join us!

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Operation Comfy Holiday ~ Video Two

Here is the second video for our “Operation Comfy Holiday” campaign, done in conjunction with Adopt A Platoon.
Thank you to everyone for helping to make this a success; we are very happy to have such support to be able
to send out lots of great things like warm socks, frisbees, tampons, bath wipes, batteries, books, movies, deodorant, a blanket, cheeze-its, microfiber towels, foot powder, chicken & tuna packs, pens, body creme and many other supplies to our platoon. They are in a remote area without running water or reliable electricity, so these things will come in handy!


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Gingerbread House Build-A-Thon

This year we are excited to be sponsoring the Gingerbread House Building Party being held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Saturday, Dec. 17, at The Oldest House, located at 322 Duval Street. We are rooting for a few historical or tropical versions with edible palm trees, architectural eyebrow arches, snow & picket fences!

Those who have entered this contest before recommend bringing your own special supplies to augment the basics provided to all entrants, including shredded wheat (perfect for thatch roofs); shredded coconut (great-looking fake snow); Necco wafers (perfect for roof tiles and they come in various colors). Marshmallows and ice cream cones are also often used in the construction of snow women & men that surround some gingerbread house designs.

All the houses built during the event will go home with their builders to be shared among family, friends and neighbors.

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“Like” us on Facebook and we’ll donate to Adopt A Platoon!

Operation Comfy Holiday Campaign

For every person that “Likes” our Historic Key West Inns Facebook page between December 1-20, we’ll donate $1, buy supplies and ship them to Adopt A Platoon. We’ll send cushy socks, Frisbees, batteries, foot powder & other things we know they would like. Watch the video:

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Our Idea Of The Macy’s Day Parade ~ Keys Style

Happy day of thanks to everyone and thanks to you all for helping make this year so spectacular!! We’ll be doing our favorite thing this turkey day, heading out on the water with family and friends, and we hope you all are doing the same. Have a fun time and wave if you see us marching in our parade!

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