Key West’s 2018 Stanley Papio Kinetic Sculpture Parade!

Take a look at Key West’s 3rd annual creative, funky and wild human-powered art sculpture parade that took place over the weekend!

POSTED May 8, 2018 – Key West, FL

The eccentric, colorful and crazy creations built by Key West local artists entertained crowds of people during the 3rd annual Stanley Papio Kinetic Sculpture Parade this past weekend.  The Key West Art and Historical Society hosts this event to celebrate the creative and rebellious spirit of the legendary Florida Keys folk artist Stanley Papio.

Inspired by Papio’s legacy, local artists build ingenious kinetic sculptures to parade down the world famous Duval Street.  Kinetic sculptures are human-powered art that moves and built around bikes, wheeled platforms, hand-pedaled cruisers or any other kind of base that is strictly powered by people.

“Like many artists, Stanley Papio was never fully appreciated until after his death. A former boxer, horse groom, and Army veteran, Papio made his way to Key Largo in the 1940’s and settled on a cheap piece of land right next to the highway, where he built a salvage and welding business. In those early years no one cared that he filled his front yard with junk. The Keys had not yet been discovered and Papio’s nearest neighbor lived 15 miles away. But when developers arrived the surrounding property sprouted with fancy homes and residents began to complain about the old washing machines, cars, toilet bowls, and scrap metal heaped in piles around his plot. All that “junk” at the entrance to Key Largo was an eyesore. No one cared that Papio had been there first.

The town hounded him to remove the junk and bring his property up to code. He refused to comply, instead creating sculptures welded together from his treasured junk and displaying them in his front yard. Papio considered his sculptures more political statement than art. His work, which often represented actual people, enraged members of the Garden Club and the Monroe County Commission and landed him in jail on six different occasions,” (Weibel, 2009)

After the successful turnout this past weekend, we already have high expectations for next year’s Papio parade.  For more information, or to book your stay with us, call 877-219-4500, or visit