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My partner Jim and I stayed in Key West at this quaint and clean guest house from February 12 – 17. We have a unique perspective because we actually stayed in two different rooms. At first, we were booked upstairs in a smallish room with no bureau. It did have a gas-fired fireplace which i found odd. I would have rather had a bureau than a fireplace because there was no place to put our smaller clothing items. There was a small closet but two people had to share it. There was also a sky-light above the queen size bed and the light of day shone in early. That’s ok if you are an early riser. But Jim and I like to sleep in. There was no way to shade this skylight so it was hard to make the room dark when the sun was bright. I found this upstairs room small for two people.
I asked if I could be moved downstairs since I walk with a cane and the stairs were doable but a challenge. The staff was very accommodating and said I could indeed move to a lower level room. Room A1 was much better. No skylight to wake us (room above us) and a bureau that two people could share. It was clean, quaint and comfortable. My only complaints are that the walls are paper thin as we could here a baby crying next door and the conversation of two people.  Also, the air conditioner blows directly on the bed in your face. There is really no way to adjust it to another direction. These are minor complaints that probably come with any similar accommodation and it would not stop us from staying at Albury Court again. Very professional and competent staff, great cleaning staff, comfortable restroom and beds. What more could you ask for?

By: February 23, 2015

4 / 5 stars