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Greetings to All;

Thank you so much for the opportunity to write a review on our stay at the Chelsea House.  We stayed with you from March 22nd – 28th of this year and arranged our wedding through you as well !

We cannot say enough good things about our stay there.  We both loved Key West and will return and are even looking for some magical way we can live there in  our retirement, but also so enamored with your hotel as well.

The reservation process was excellent – personal, professional and even flexible as we moved our initial reservation from the Merlin to Chelsea.  When we arrived, the check in process was fast and efficient as all the paperwork was already there and waiting for us.  The check out process was equally smooth, professional and friendly.  Your administrative staff in the main office are excellent and helpful even when I was looking for 4 clean champagne flutes to take with us to get married!

Our room was 33a which we LOVED.  It was immaculate, spacious and well laid out.  We had ample storage and hangers which is a rarity.  Your in-room toiletries were lovely as well, and I’m really picky about that.  Our only small suggestions would be – and they are specific to this room – is that the bedside window faces the front of the property with the motion detector light and it goes off constantly all night which brings a significant amount of glaring light into the room. I know the shutters are better looking but the black out drapes work much better…. and secondly (and it is a small thing) it would make a lot more sense to move the towel hook away from the light switch and move them across from the shower, to the left side of the door.  I was always fumbling behind a towel to turn on the light!  Finally, I think a hand towel holder by the sink would be great, we had to keep ours folded ON the sink.

Beyond that, we just loved the hotel which reminded us both so much of “The Fantastic Marigold Hotel”.  A funny collection of people from all round, meeting at the pool or for breakfast and chatting in this little oasis just steps from Duval St.

Some staff really stood out – Frankie who looked after us and our room, she is just so delightful.  Barbara who seemed to look after the cleaning staff and breakfast was charming and warm and wonderful as well.  Mary Simmons who organized and officiated our wedding was superb as well, she really made it a great day for us.

I would so much recommend your hotel to anyone – for all the things I’ve mentioned above but also your amazing location and parking which is a true rarity in Key West.  In terms of excellent restaurants and bars, why yes, we’ve got some ones that we give 4 stars too:

Bars:  Green Parrot, Capt. Tony’s.

Restaurants: The Café (we’re vegetarians); La Trattoria (old Key West) had great service and great Italian food; Blue Heaven had the most amazing location and the best vegetarian meal I’ve ever had.

I hope this review is useful to you and that it makes you even more proud of your hotel !

Many thanks again,

Kelly Stalker & Howard Chisvin

By: March 30, 2015

5 / 5 stars