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I would like to start by saying congratulations on achieving what most hotels could only hope for on so many levels…  but above all, a great and friendly staff.   When my husband and I first walked into the lobby, there was a check-in in progress, so another employee of the hotel (John) immediately noticed that we had walked in, greeted us, and did not hesitate to check us in on another computer. Eliminating any wait times what so ever.  Great start to a vacation! He was super attentive and a really nice guy. He was also very knowledgable of the area and had great recommendations for dinner and activities.

John was only the beginning though.  Living in Miami for 20+ years you would think that I’ve been to Key West more then my fair share, but I have been to Key West only once before, making this my second trip. What we were looking for the most was a quiet stay in a comfy hotel that provided me the things that only a true Key West vacation offers.  Relaxation, fun times, history and more relaxation.  All of which were met during our trip.  We had a reservation for 2 nights and stayed in a king room that had plenty of space.  Much more then we expected actually.  So much more that we returned to the front desk roughly 5 minutes after check-in and extended our stay an extra night.  Right then and there we knew we made the right decision. The breakfast in the morning was a great addition to the experience and I have to say that staying at the Chelsea House Hotel has made me want to visit the Keys again.  When we return to Key West (because we will return), we defiantly know where to look first.

Thank you again (to Chelsea’s great staff) for the hospitality.

Jose Gonzalez



By: June 14, 2016

5 / 5 stars