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It was a late Saturday night, or one can say a very early Sunday morning. I had been on the ipad for the better of four hours trying to find a place for Monday, see it was my two year anniversary and I promised that I would find a place to stay in key west, since I’ve never been. Of course like the typical male that I am, stalled till basically the day before to book a room, from pictures on whatever website, i knew that she wasn’t going to be happy, but I was on a budget, and tired.

When we arrived at the hotel desk we were met by an awesome guy with a Irish or Scottish accent (never been good with distinguishing accents) who informed us on not just hotel policies but things to do on the island in a professional yet friendly way. After the advice on our journey we headed to the room. THE ROOM was completely different then what I saw in pictures online! Wooden floors with dark wood stands and a hint of modern thrown in. For the price and the little two minute walk to duval, its completely worth it. The room isn’t huge but for sure won’t make you feel cramped, it’s welcoming and cozy.

There was a free breakfast that consisted of light food (I don’t think I would have made it walking around on eggs, bacon and coffee with the heat) which helped with getting the day started and getting rid of hang overs.  We were told by a staff member to eat at sunset piers in Mallory square during sunset and After, a little dancing at sloppy joes and we were not disappointed. My girlfriend, being the hard headed control freak she is, had actually called after I booked worrying about the room and was reassured that they were remodeled and looked nothing at all like the outdated pictures she saw online. Always go to the hotels website for the right room pictures. Lol. My mother loved the pics I sent her of the Chelsea and is going to stay there in December for a couple of days. The Chelsea will be our go to when heading down to key west because of the memories and laughs we had here.

By: August 14, 2014

4 / 5 stars