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We loved this place not only because it was close to the Yankee Freedom ferry, but also for its cleanliness and the great attention of Nick, the receptionist; he was very helpful and had a good attitude. The hotel is well located and gave us a chance to walk a few blocks to where the action is: good restaurants, stores, gift shops, music, happy crowds.


Restaurant Review: 4 Pineapples

As far as restaurants, we liked Mangos, Margaritaville; good food, drinks and good service.

Attractions Review: 5 Pineapples

Dry Tortugas Beach/Jefferson Fort. Adventurous 2 1/2 hr boat trip, albeit rough voyage in the last 45 min. due to high winds; but the return was smooth. At this remote island you see some history, natural panoramic beauty and lots of birds including frigate birds, brown pelicans, terns, seagulls, cattle egrets, buntings and others. We enjoyed being there!



By: September 22, 2012

5 / 5 stars