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Cozy Cottages Key West Style


We just got home from a 6 day trip to Key west with four other couples. Originally we were looking for a house to rent but since our plans were, by relative terms, short on the advance we booked the Key Lime Inn since it could accommodate all 10 of us.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by two of their staff which helped with the check-in process. Both reps were very friendly and helpful and in a short time we were headed to our rooms. I use the term rooms loosely because we were grouped together in several of their “cottage” style rooms. They were very reminiscent of lake cottages near Lake Erie, but only in size and arrangement. All were very well kept, i.e. paint, cleanliness, etc. Some had minor issues with door alignment but that was the biggest issue and certainly did not impact our stay.

Inside the rooms were very clean smelling and nicely deccorated. King rooms had a love seat, chair along with a closet and obviously a king size bed. Additionally, they had small decks or porches for relaxing before or after a trip up and down Duval St. Our Quenn room didn’t have the love seat, but that was not an issue at all. Bed comfort was not bad, we sleep on a memory foam bed at home but we didn’t have any complaints. Space in the bathrooms was a little short, but consider that you’re in Key West; everything is short on space!

Our AC unit’s fan ran all the time which actually helped drown out exterior noise. Being a couple blocks off Duval helped too, but I confess that our group wasn’t always ready to end our night when we returned. I don’t think we prompted any complaints for noise but I would have understood if we had. 🙂

We have never stayed at the same place twice in Key West in six trips. That will change when we go back because we would absolutely stay here again. Having stayed at several of the name resorts, you just don’t get that Key west feel and one of the other B&Bs we visited in town didn’t want a group to come to their place. That was disappointing.

Bottom line: great location, great staff, very good accomodations. My favorite so far.

By: on November 28, 2012
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5 / 5