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From the start, we had a good feeling about our decision to stay at Cypress House Hotel after speaking at length with Kaya as to why it would be perfect for us.  She told us about Pepe’s, which was a great choice for our Thanksgiving dinner. Billy the Cat and Peg bonded immediately!

We arrived via Key West Express and walked up Caroline Street into the office and were met by Dennis and other outstanding staff.  We had not been in Key West in many years and were pleased to see that many of our old favorites were still going strong.

Breakfast by the pool was a beautiful way to start the day. Happy  hour was such a bonus!  This was our first experience at a B & B, the property was perfect for us.  Bill particularly enjoyed sitting on the front porch watching the town come alive.  

Our entire trip would not have happened as it did if it were not for Kaya; her input was invaluable.  After speaking to her, we did not need to make another call. 

Thanks for a memorable trip.  We will recommend Cypress House to others in the Saint Petersburg area.

Peg and Bill Roberts

By: January 23, 2017

4 / 5 stars