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Thank you….I am now a judge during the Hemingway Days Festival. This Fest is a very lively group. The island lights up. I won in 2002 and have stayed at the Cypress since the win. There is  a lot of action during our stay. I like the closeness to our activities. My thing would be the breakfast! A continental style works for most of us. Not  a lot of early risers during this festival but never the less, some of us roll out. The kitchen works great both inside and out. I have suggested to the last two winners that they join us at  the Cypress. The Papas have found a home and appreciate what the Cypress does for us.  The Wednesday morning gathering gives all contestants a chance to schmooze with the judges and view the auction items that start on the first round on Thursday.

The Cypress house provides a great tropical setting for this desert rat. I would suggest that since we have heat in Phoenix during the same time frame that a  simple aerator system in the pool would work great and pull the temperatures of the water to lower degrees…I am not sure how a misting system would work but it would be worth an experiment. Thank you for the trust of your house cleaning people…we set our change and cash out ….it is still there with a very tidy room. The shower was always clean and great. I might encourage you to do what they do on cruise ships….which is optional…perhaps an envelope for their tip could be provided…   I walked Duval on the Monday following    an attempt to connect with an art gallery that would carry my whimsical  art  and our Hemingway experience while on the Island. I will  continue to seek my  place until I am successful…leads will be deeply appreciated…….of course this would be yet another reason to return to your wonderful island………..thanks again for the  adventure….

Ron Thomas, Papa 2k2

By: August 7, 2014

5 / 5 stars