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My husband and I arrived  in Key West for the first time three days before this past Christmas. We had come by sea (the Key West Express to be exact) , and the initial plan was to leave on the 6 pm ferry the next day. After discovering that the hotel we’d booked was way on the other end of the island from the dock, far from the energy of downtown Key West, we decided to cancel our reservation and find something else. As luck would have it, we spotted a Vacancy sign outside of Cypress House. Upon entering we were greeted by Scott, who quoted us a rate for a room which miraculously enough was available. We jumped on it, and within minutes we were given our room keys and shown where breakfast was served as well as the daily happy hour by the pool (“‘liming’, as they call it in Jamaica”, Scott explained.) Finally we were led to our room, which was immaculate and to our delight was equipped with a large tub; however, as we had arrived just in time to lime, that would have to wait until later. We sipped some sangria and snacked on the deliciously crispy conch fritters poolside before heading to Mallory Square to take in the sunset.

The next day after breakfast and a swift checkout, we left our bags near the concierge desk and headed over to Fort Zachary State Park, where we swam and watched the local wildlife. After our afternoon in the sun, we returned to Cypress House for our final Key West happy hour, this time with a delightful, sprightly rum punch. We probably should have double checked where we were to board the ferry at some point during our imbibing, because when we arrived at the assumed location at 5:45 pm we were told that the departure terminal was in fact fifteen minutes away by foot. We jumped into a taxi, but by the time we arrived at the correct spot at 5:53 the boat was gone. We were resigned to another night in Key West (cue the violins.) Our only concern was whether or not we would be able to be so lucky as to find a room with such ease for a second night in a row, especially given that it was so close to Christmas. We headed back to Cypress House, the place where we had found such sweet solace the previous night, and Scott took one look at us and laughed. After apologizing profusely for not having saved us a room, he made a call over to their sister hotel Lighthouse Court and secured a space for us. Although there were no bathtub or liming at Lighthouse Court, we enjoyed our stay there very much. The staff was very friendly and welcoming, and having Hemingway House across the street gave us the opportunity to see something which we wouldn’t have had it not been for our impromptu extended stay! I would highly recommend both properties to anyone visiting Key West.
By: December 29, 2015

5 / 5 stars