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Great & Could Be Even More Perfect…


Great location. Close to action but quiet. We stayed on May 6 & 7, in 16 & 18 and it was awesome that we could tuck our motorcycles out of the way between 17 & 19 in some under used space. We liked them being hid away from foot traffic, out of the way but where we were able to keep our eyes on them. That said, we arrived and departed at reasonable times and we have very quiet motorcycles and did not ride them during our stay (rented bicycles) so we didn’t feel like we were a nuisance to other guests. Thanks Matt for that tip. It sealed the deal and worked out perfect. The only things I found myself wanting was a washer/dryer on site (not a block away) and  a towel rack above the bathroom sink counter (had to just drip your way over to the rack above toilet or hook on back of door since counter top was full of our stuff). A rack in the shower would be nice too and/or one of those clothes line things you see at some hotels. If there were more places to hang towels, we  would have been glad to reuse them after shower/swim. Also if there had been one of those (cute little) stand up dust pan/broom sets we would have keep the place swept up. Love the natural ground cover but it does lend itself to tracking in a lot of grit etc. Of course these are little things, not deal breakers, but since you asked, these are things that could make a great place perfect. Over all we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would return to and recommend your Key Lime Inn.   Thanks for providing a great place and for asking for feedback.

Hope to return soon,

Shellie Leonard

Waverly, AL

By: on May 19, 2013
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5 / 5