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We had a great stay at your Inn and if we ever return to Key West we will stay at one of your hotels for sure!  The rooms were clean and your continental breakfast was perfect.  The staff was always very helpful and kind as well.  Please note that the following ‘complaints’ are very minor and only written to perhaps make another couple’s stay even better than ours was.

We stayed in room A8 which connects to a gate that enters the pool area.  The gate constantly slams and it is very annoying.  Perhaps something could be done to prevent it from being SO loud to its adjoining room.  The second complaint is also a noise issue.  There is a table and chairs set up right outside the bedroom window.  Every morning at 7:30 AM another couple sat in that same seat and we could hear EVERYTHING they were saying.  I’m sure they didn’t want us hearing their conversation and I know we did not want to be woken that early on our vacation.

That’s it!  Thank you again for making our honeymoon that much more perfect.

By: December 20, 2012

4 / 5 stars