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Just loved the hotel and our stay there – I stayed in 7 different hotels on my crazy Florida trip and this is one of my favourites!

Front desk staff were particularly nice, friendly, informative.

Location – wonderful.  Although it might be nice to mark on the map good spots for sunrise/sunset as so many of the viewpoints are private property, which is a bit of a pain especially for sunrise.   I kept walking down to the shore, but as you can’t walk around the shoreline it got a bit frustrating.

The only real negative I have is that the little shelf in the shower made it annoying as everything kept dropping off – so it would be nice to maybe have a bigger stick on shower shelf for shower gel and shampoo.  Another annoying thing is that (please remember this was the end of the trip!) I didn’t realise the conditioner was conditioner as it is in a slightly different bottle – I thought it was another body lotion, so it was only as I was leaving I saw that.  Perhaps you could put the shower gel, shampoo and conditioner in the shower area on a shelf so things are easier.

Also, I HATE powdered creamer in my coffee so went to CVS to get fresh milk for the morning, and then you had the Hershey’s milk at breakfast.  Maybe you could put one of these in each fridge so you can do away with the plastic packets of creamer.  I also like real mugs – maybe you could have proper cups with your logo on and say if we want to take them just add it to your room charge.  Some hotels do leave products you can take and they just charge – maybe you could even leave some of that Key West Aloe in there – perfect for sun burn!

Thank you for a wonderful stay!

All the best, Pearl

By: August 26, 2014

5 / 5 stars