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Key Lime Inn – Birthday Stay

I was looking to plan a surprise vacation for my boyfriend’s birthday. He had never been to Key West, so I knew that is where I wanted to take him.  In my attempts to locate a place to stay, I was frustrated because everywhere I inquired was either booked or too expensive. I then ran across the Historic Key West Inns hotels online.  The pictures were beautiful, and the reviewers were quite convincing.  I decided to take a chance and contacted the reservations department on April 17, 2015. I had the pleasure of speaking with Denise, who was courteous and lovely to converse with.  I informed her it was my “birthday’s boyfriend”, and we laughed about the mistake.  She told me she would take note of that because the Inn likes to celebrate couples.  I was excited for the trip.

We arrived at Key Lime Inn on June 11, 2015 and were checked in by Samantha and Alicia.  Both were pleasant and welcomed us with smiles.  They gave us recommendations on restaurants and things to do and provided us with a map of the area. Our room was perfect! I was afraid the standard queen would be small, but I was wrong! We truly were in awe.  I had to contact the front desk because I don’t like to use the same towel for multiple use. Samantha immediately arrived at our room and provided us with extra towels sets.  She stated she even made a note to let housekeeping know of my request.  I was impressed.

Breakfast by the pool was so relaxing.  We enjoyed sitting and talking to one another in a peaceful environment. Nelly was awesome! She immediately greeted us with a nice smile and cleared our area as we finished our food.  Our next contact was with Michelle and Victoria, who were as equally pleasant and courteous as Samantha and Alicia.  They recommended lunch at Caroline’s, and we took them up on that.  Lunch was phenomenal!

At check out, Michelle allowed us to leave our car parked as we spent the last few hours roaming around before we left Key West.  In speaking to Michelle, she asked how our stay was, and we raved about the property, how we got lots of rest because of the quiet area, how we loved the atmosphere, etc.  She asked if this was a special celebration, and I told her it was for my boyfriend’s birthday.  She then asked if the room was decorated, and we told her it was not.  She explained they like to know of special occasions because the staff gets very involved in decorating the rooms and making the guests feel extra special.  I told her I stated it was his birthday when I made the reservation, but there was no note in the system.  This made me very sad.  I would have loved to enter a room that was decorated for his birthday, and I was a little upset the note was not in the system, knowing Denise and I joked about it over the phone.  This is actually the reason I didn’t give a “5” in the rating.

Well, all in all, our trip was very relaxing, which is what we were looking for.  We lead such busy lives with four kids and full time jobs, it’s difficult to enjoy time to ourselves. Key Lime Inn was just the getaway we needed! It is situated in a great area, close to Duval Street.  We actually walked everywhere, which we also enjoyed. We will definitely return.

By: on June 18, 2015
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4 / 5