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I admit I’m biased: I’ve stayed at The Merlin Guesthouse since 1988 and have stayed there almost exclusively since 1992. (The other times were Key Lime Inn and Lighthouse Court, also HKWI properties.) Just so you know where I’m coming from, I don’t stay at an inn because it has satin sheets or HBO in the room. I’m not there to hang out at the hotel. I want a comfortable bed and pleasant amenities. If you want 5-star, white glove service, Key West, for all is casual appeal, has plenty of those choices. At the Merlin you will find pleasant, rustic, comfortable B&B-style accommodation and charm. More important, a staff who remembers you and is universally approachable and friendly. You’ll leave feeling like part of the family, and indeed you will be. (If you’re a cat person, be sure to say hi to Jordan. He lives on the property, and he’s part of the family too.) There are a wide variety of rooms, from small and simple (the porch rooms, for example) to some truly lovely suites. The pool has thoughtful touches: baskets with paperbacks and sunscreen, and in the afternoon, iced tea is set out in the breakfast area. Now for the negatives, just so you know this isn’t a total sell job (and hey, family members can critique each other honestly, right?): 1) If you’re a light sleeper, avoid the front porch rooms. Mopeds on Simonton buzz by at all hours. There are identical or similar rooms on the back porch. But, if you plan on stumbling home drunk (and why not, it’s Key West) and wild horses couldn’t roust you, no worries on the front porch side!) 2) Some people criticize the pool, and I certainly remember when it was bigger. It’s not exactly a lap pool; it’s more of a very large hot tub (there is a water jet timer) but again, in this place and setting, maybe you can eschew your inner Michael Phelps/Summer Sanders for a bit and just chill in the bubbles or the still, serene water. 3) The mattress in Room 22 is not up to the usual HKWI standard. It’s slightly caved in the middle and slants to one side. However if there are any other imperfections here, I can’t think of any, and I’ve been looking for 20 years, several times a year. (I live 200 miles north. Don’t hate.). I hope this is helpful to you. Cheers.

By: June 4, 2014

4 / 5 stars