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Didn’t spend enough time in the room to truly enjoy the comforts and amenities. Albury is off the beaten path and is nearer the seaport for those needing to be close to that side of the island. This is a nice place and suits ones needs for comfort. The staff is very helpful and will help with anything you need. They were very helpful.

The only drawbacks, or negatives that could be included here, would include the limited parking, but that is the case all over the island.  Find a spot, park, and leave the vehicle there until you’re ready to go home. The water pressure was lacking in the shower for those who relish a strong and vigorous shower. The mattress was a little to firm for my needs, but then that is my personal preference. One other issue was that the outside balcony’s across the street on the north side of Eaton do not drain well when it rains and there is always standing water during the rainy season. The stairs retain some standing water too but have rubber treads for safety. The balconies are tile and can be a little slippery. Especially for those in inebriated states of being when returning later in the evening, usually after a good soaking rain during the rainy season.

All in all, a very good place to stay. Every place has its issues, just like owning a house. I would definitely stay again given the limited availability during the season. And its always the season in Key West.

By: June 30, 2014

4 / 5 stars