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Just wanted to let everyone know, I have stayed in Key West about a dozen different times.  My girlfriend and I got in late Friday night and it was storming, we were drenched and had our two small dogs.  There was a mix up with which hotel we were at but the front desk manager was able to get us up into our room even though we had the dogs and saved us from being in the street much longer in the rain.  Our pets were sick as well and they were very helpful in finding the closest emergency vet.  I’ll have to say when we first arrived to the location in the rain, it did not look as nice as we had hoped.  When we walked into our room, though, it felt like all of the other bad things in our day had never happened.  The room was immaculate!  The staff was great, location was great, hotel was great, would stay again in a heart beat!

By: July 14, 2014

5 / 5 stars