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This was an interesting stay in that we were going to stay with you longer, but we were with family that were determined to rent a house. There’s no way we could go to Key West and not stay with you! So even though we had a house on Washington, we still stayed with you on Friday, the 13th. That’s how much we love Lighthouse Court! Bryan at check-in was great (as were all front desk staff) and it’s always a treat to see Peter at the bar. I think we’ve been there enough times now that Peter knows us when we walk in. Let me tell you, that’s a nice feeling. He’s good. Since we were only there the one night, we didn’t have much interaction with the maid staff. But I do remember that they smiled and said Hello every time we saw them. And they all seemed to love our daughter.

We’d never stayed in E4 before, but found it to be a delightful room. We’ve stayed all over (including the Hemingway suite) and still think F1 is our favorite. We just love that morning view and porch.

We ate at all our favorite haunts (Santiago’s Bodega, Blue Heaven, Salute!, Amigos, Kellys, Banana Cafe). None disappointed.

Two more notes about just how awesome Lighthouse Court is.

1. Even though we were in a rental house the rest of the week, we were still invited back to swim and have cocktails at the pool. Very cool of you.

2. We always meet the other guests and find them to be just as friendly.

Thanks again. We hope to see you again soon.



By: June 25, 2014

5 / 5 stars