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Key West has always been a special place for me.  I began visiting KW around 2003 with my then new husband.  We loved KW and made it down several times for celebrations, relaxation, or just to have some fun together.  My husband and I were married just shy of 12 years before he died of a very rare cancer this past Valentines Day, 2016.  He was 3 weeks shy of his 36th birthday.  My husband’s parents who also live in Florida asked to keep our 7 year old twin girls for 10 days.  I decided to take a few of my child free days and to head down to KW before picking them up in Southern Florida and flying them back to Michigan.  I needed to feel close to my late husband, and KW is a place that lets me do that.  We have so many great memories here.

I work for the largest hotel brand in the world.  I know good service when I see it.  This last trip in to KW I was not able to get a room at the brand that I work for, as it was pretty last minute and at peak times.  My friend loves bed & breakfasts, boutique type hotels.  We read good reviews on the Cypress House Hotel and decided to give it a go…  boy was that a GREAT decision!

When we arrived we had the pleasure of meeting Scott.  He helped with our luggage, gave us a cocktail even though we had already missed the nightly cocktail hour, gave us a tour of the property, and got us to our room easily.  Scott was more than helpful our entire stay.  He is so pleasant, and I would hire him at one of my hotels in a second!

Upon entering the room I was immediately impressed.  It was VERY clean, modern, spacious, and cool.  There was Champagne on ice waiting for me for my birthday which my friend and I quickly enjoyed.  We were able to enjoy the more than continental breakfast each day, and adult cocktail hour at night.  We were not sure if we would use the pool or not…  well, we ended up using it every night!  It was clean and just the right temperature to cool off after a long day.  One night my friend and I wanted a snack but didn’t want to leave the pool, so the younger kid that was working the desk that night was so gracious and brought us chips and salsa from the fridge.  This service and all the service we received while at the Cypress House Hotel was TOP NOTCH!  Not only have I told many friends and family about this hotel, but I will continue to stay for my future visits even though I have a hotel right on the water at Mallory Square.  Am I impressed?  YES!

Thank you to the Cypress House Hotel, the staff, and beautiful KW for a much needed return trip that did not disappoint.

Jennifer Gratz

By: August 19, 2016

5 / 5 stars