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First off, Laura was amazing! She welcomed us in as if we were family, I felt immediately comfortable. We got into town mid evening and apparently snagged what Laura called “VIP parking” as we lucked out and got parking right in front of the hotel. We were told parking is a nightmare around town and we should probably keep our vehicle parked where is was while we were there. We did just that and had zero issues! Laura also gave us plenty of coupons for local attractions and also to your Mojito Bar (more on that later!) along with a map of Key West. She pointed us to some amazing spots and I’m happy to say, we got to visit all but one of those. We were truly grateful for those suggestions, especially the Butterfly House. Breathtaking to say the least.

First impressions.

Walking to our room, we went thru the courtyard and saw where the pool and bar were at. I loved how intimate it felt back there! The pool was beautiful and a perfect temperature and even tho I felt it could have been a bit bigger, I understood for the space, it was plenty big enough. There were folks in the pool at all hours it seemed, and never once did I hear anyone from outside our room. Speaking of that room, wow!! J2. Just wow! So beautiful! Chris (my boyfriend) couldn’t stop laughing at me as I gushed over the walls throughout the room and the tile work in the bathroom, seriously gorgeous. I believe my exact words were “This. Everything about this room needs to be in our house.” Mark my words, it will be done, all thanks to this beautiful suite. There were two small issues I had with the room, the sink faucet was quite loose, not to the point of falling off but enough to want to use both hands when turning the water on/off for fear of breaking it off. Also, the hairdryer that was supplied did not work. No big deal, my hair is short enough that it was dry in 10 min anyways.

Goodness, I can’t stop gushing about how wonderful that room was. I thought that the bed was a firm comfortable bed and I loved all the pillows and that the bedding was really quite cozy. The decor in the room was perfect and there was a safe!! Oh man, so happy to see that safe and it worked too. Not that I didn’t feel a reason to have to use it due to staff or other vacationers but it’s nice to lock up valuables just for the peace of mind.

Staff. Again, I mentioned Laura at the front desk (amaaaazing lady!) but your cleaning staff were superb! I very rarely saw them walking around but everything was spotless. I didn’t catch the name of the bar tender working but she was pretty nice too…not as nice as I’m used to, but hey, new patron and all I suppose. Still, she made two slammin’ mojito’s. I had the Key Lime and Chris had a regular, with both being delicious! Oh, can’t forget about the breakfast…yum!! Simple light breakfast and that was all that was needed for how hot those mornings were.

Over all, I loved Lighthouse Court Hotel! Should I visit the Keys again, it’s guaranteed that I’ll be staying here again. The uniqueness and the quaint charm that’s given off right when you walk under the front sign, to walking thru the courtyard, to the room we were in…it’s perfect. If there was a + option after the 5 pineapples, believe me, it would have been checked. I’ll be sure to rave about this beautiful property to all my friends and family.

Thanks for letting us stay with you, we both really enjoyed our visit!!

By: November 19, 2015

5 / 5 stars