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I traveled to Key West without planning it. They were driving down and I had never been. They had booked a hotel in New town for 4 nights and couldn’t get out of the reservation. It was OK for them, but I wanted something a little better and in Old Town, since I wanted to experience historic Key West. After doing an internet search and calling around, I was referred to the Key Lime Inn. When I called there, I believe they told me they didn’t have any vacancies there and transferred me to their Albury Court Hotel front desk. Malik answered the phone and was a wealth of information. He seemed to know everything about the properties; he informed me of the locations and amenities and prices at each. Also, he never seemed in a rush to get off the phone and had tremendous patience. I had to hang up and discuss it with my folks and when I called back to book, Albury Court Hotel was all booked, but I was referred to their Lighthouse Court Hotel through the reservation system. I quickly booked and we left to check me in since my parents had dinner plans with friends.

What an impression Lighthouse Court makes from the street–what a beautiful property! Laura was so easy to deal with as well as Marie who I had to deal with the next day when I moved from a King to a Queen because of availability. Both rooms were primo! Very beautiful and tasteful…I loved the decor. I was glad to learn that I could use the pools at any of their properties and used the beautiful lap pool at Cypress House Hotel several times before I left. There was a good deal of vegetation in and around the pools, and each was lovely. The day my folks were leaving, I decided to stay longer and chose Albury Court because of its close proximity to Cypress House. Kaya was a doll and I got to meet Malik. What a cute room! As comfortable and tasteful as Lighthouse Court. I am only sorry that I only discovered my favorite pool at Key Lime Inn the day I was leaving.

What a great group of hotels that allows you to experience the real Key West. I intend to recommend them to anyone travelling to Key West whose opinions and relationships I value 🙂

By: February 16, 2016

5 / 5 stars