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Let me start by saying, THIS was fourth year in a row we have stayed at The Lighthouse Court Hotel in Key West.  So that SHOULD give you a heads up that this will be a positive review. Our positive experience began when I made my reservation with Historic Key West Inns and asked for the closest possible room to the Mojito Bar.  THIS is important for later on in the review.  I was told they would do their level best to get us close to the mojito bar and, in fact, they did just that. Our room was right at the end of the pool, mere steps from the mojito bar. But I digress…

Upon arriving, I explained that we had “accidentally” rented a car for the week so we had driven to Key West.  The ladies at the front desk were quite helpful as they told us where to park to unload and gave me a map to the parking lot 2 blocks away where we could leave the car for the entirety of our stay (After all, who REALLY needs a car in Key West, right?) The desk staff at the Lighthouse Court are always friendly and helpful.

After parking the car, I came back to find the room was lovely! On the middle of the sumptuous king-sized bed was a card thanking us for returning to the Lighthouse Court!  I do not know if there has been some remodeling, but the room was nicely furnished and the bathroom had an AWESOME stone tiled shower.  Everything was well lit, very clean, and the climate control was easy to set and maintain for our comfort. Though we didn’t use it very much, the big, flat-screen TV had a sharp clear picture and nice sound with a decent selection of channels, though I really only watched the Key West Information channel. 🙂

And now… THE MOJITO BAR! Yes, it is one of the biggest reasons we come back to this property year in and year out. The bartenders are always very friendly, Mimi in particular this year, and well informed on how to makes cocktails JUST RIGHT! My wife loves their Mojitos and I am quite fond of rocks Rum Runners! They tend to have a few typical beers available, but offered a few more of the “craft” varieties this year.  The bartenders also have a nice knowledge of restaurants and attractions.  Anyone can recommend famous name places such as The Hard Rock Café, or Sloppy Joes Bar, but I like to find places NOT so well known such as Santiago’s Bodega and Charlie Mac’s.  Also, Gary the Cat from across the street at the Hemingway House hangs out around the Mojito Bar/Pool area and very friendly.  For me, a cat lover, that’s a nice plus!

The housekeeping staff is ALWAYS very friendly.  They smile when you ask for something and are always polite.  I’ve noticed that many of them have been there since we first started staying.  THAT is saying something, as a former motel manager, I know it is hard to get AND KEEP good housekeeping and maintenance staff. And the staff at Lighthouse Court are good as the rooms are ALWAYS very clean. I am always impressed with the staff at this property.

Here’s a suggestion for anyone new to the Island.  When you walk down to Mallory Square, and you will at some point, stop and have lunch at The Conch Shack.  Every place seems to have Conch fritters on their menu, but I am fairly certain only The Conch Shack has CRACKED CONCH and it is amazing! Order it spicy with fries and an ice cold tall boy PBR.  Not the best beer, but man does it go great with spicy seafood! Then walk over to El Meson De Pepe. They do have GREAT Cuban food, so keep that in mind for another meal, but inside the building is a wonderful cigar shop with a knowledgeable  staff that won’t try to force the really expensive cigars on you.  After you make your selection, go to the bar outside, fire up that cigar and order a mojito, or an El Presidente Dominican Pilsner beer and relax! 🙂

So if you are planning a trip to the Key West, you can’t go wrong with a stay at Lighthouse Court Hotel. It’s so close to the lovely chaos that is Duval Street, with its shops and nightlife, but the Lighthouse Court is so quiet you can relax all you want.  A 10-minute walk in virtually any direction will get you to the Gulf, the Atlantic, the Southernmost Point in the United States or wherever you want to be.  I highly recommend the experience.  Now excuse me, I need to go sit in the cold Iowa weather with a Dominican cigar and a tropical drink and WISH I was back in Monroe County!



By: February 28, 2016

5 / 5 stars