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My trip to Florida began with a flight into Fort Lauderdale to visit my girlfriend who recently relocated there.  After spending a couple days at her place we had a planned visit to Key West. That visit to Key West this past week was both our first, and I hope, will not be the last.

As I’m sure you know, parking isn’t exactly the easiest thing to accommodate with such small streets. However, Kenneth, just so happened to be standing on the sidewalk and asked if we needed help. We did, so he gave us quick and simple “right around the block” directions to park on the one way street located behind the Merlin house… Awesome! Kenneth also happened to be the one to check us into our room. Gave us a quick, but informative, tour of the location as well as some maps for local beaches and tourist hot spots.  I feel ashamed that I could not remember anyone else’s name but I did get the chance to sit and talk briefly with the woman who checked us out. She had moved from Chicago to escape the cold, and although it was a chilly 68 and cloudy the last two days I was there, she assured me that that circumstance rarely happens. I had mentioned how nice it was to be staying so close to everything and she was kind enough to give me a little history of the whole island (I’m a sucker for history, so I loved that). Side note, the breakfast was perfect. Neither my girlfriend or I are big breakfast eaters but the luxury of sitting out by the pool in a pair of shorts enjoying a cup of coffee is such a relaxing delicacy in the month of November for someone from Ohio.  Anyways, aside from Kenneth, every employee couldn’t have been more helpful. From finding the best local fish tacos and conch fritters to visiting the Hemingway house, your staff is 5 stars in my book and I really do apologize for not being able to remember more of their names. And don’t get me started on Jordan, that cat has it made!

We stayed in room 2 at the Merlin Guesthouse, it was perfect. My first time in Key West, so I didn’t plan on spending too much time in there regardless, but it was a luxury to come back to after a night out on Duval St.  From the hot shower to that extremely comfortable bed, I wouldn’t change a thing. Room service was swift but thorough with their cleaning and although the lady didn’t speak much English she may have been the only person in Key West with a bigger smile than mine.  This may seem weird, but I like that the same lady cleaned our room both days we were there.  It shows that you trust your employees and it also helps the tenant feel safer about not having to worry about different people being in and out of their room every day, so for that I thank you.

My friends, by now, are probably sick of hearing how much I loved your place. But I don’t really mind talking about it, because I know as soon as they stay, they’ll be doing the same thing. The one day we were there, we tried going to the beach but the wind proceeded to blow harder and harder and it made laying on the beach a bit too unbearable. So we went back to the Merlin Guesthouse, got in the pool (which was the perfect temperature) and had a blast. It was a weekday, which I’m guessing explained the quietness of the pool area, but I didn’t mind it one bit.

The day we left, we did the usual touristy thing and had our pictures taken at the Southernmost point. Reading the history behind it all was a huge plus for us. From there, we made our way to the Ernest Hemingway house which was a very cool experience. After that, we took a final stroll down Duval St to hit up one of those cookie shops that displays a basketball sized cookie in the front window, couldn’t pass that up :)… Aside from those places, only one restaurant/cafe set itself apart from the others and I was lucky enough for it to only be a few blocks down Simonton Street from where we stayed. It was a vegan place called Sugar Apple. I must tell you that I have had no previous experience with vegan food. I am a very carnivorous guy and I love my meat. My girlfriend, on the other hand, she lived a semi-vegan lifestyle so of course she had to try it. I will tell you this, I’m glad we did. We split two meals and they were some of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. I always make an effort to try out local eateries when I visit a new place, and this, amongst a few others have earned a repeat customer.

On behalf of my girlfriend and myself, we would like to personally thank you for meeting and exceeding our vacation expectations. You guys go above and beyond to accommodate your guests and I would not change a thing about the way you conduct your business. Thank you for making our trip to Key West so amazing and know that you guys played a sole role in us returning at some point in our future vacations!


Your happiest tenant, Brandon Roof

By: November 24, 2014

5 / 5 stars