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Let me start and say my stay at Merlin Guesthouse was great. Trust me if I’m saying this then the stay was great. I’m a preferred member at all hilton hotels, so when I usually stay places that’s where they are. So this lets you know what im looking for in a room. I like a place I can walk in and it feels comfortable to me. Like lay my belongings down anywhere and can take my shoes off and relax. The Merlin Guesthouse gave me that key west feeling we were looking for.

I really enjoyed my stay and would definitely recommend the Merlin Guesthouse to friends and again for myself. My check in and check out was great. Even before getting to the guesthouse the people I talk to when pre paying for my room were extremely nice. The best person there was Ms. Linda. I love that lady. 🙂 She was so nice to us and gave us information whenever we needed it. We sat in the office at least twice 20 minutes each just talking to mrs Linda etc etc. She got me small things I need for my room and actually delivered them to us herself. The 2 days before leaving she told me she wasn’t going to be there when we left so she hugged us before we went out for the day. She really stood out to me.

Key West had some really nice people. I’m from NC so I always look for great customer service and people that are naturally nice and key west gave that to me. The best experience in key west was going stand up paddle boarding, freaking an amazing experience. Call SUP, front desk chick Brooke and out guide Brian. Sooooo nice . 🙂

But to end this review the place was really nice. And also we came down for a wedding so most of the rooms were filled with the wedding party and they had no complaints.  Thanks 🙂

By: August 25, 2014

5 / 5 stars