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We recently stayed at Merlin Guesthouse in August of 2014.  We were down in Key West for our daughter’s wedding.  We found Merlin Guesthouse to be the perfect place for our entire wedding party.  Every room was perfectly suited for each guest’s needs.  Some of the younger kids needed kitchens for their little family and my husband and I were more comfortable with a private upstairs room with our own hidden balcony.  The staff were amazing and very accommodating!! The only thing that I thought was unfortunate was that we were all finally there and congregating around the pool and someone else staying there (not with our party) called and complained because their window was overlooking the pool and they thought we were being loud.  We were finally all there and it was so great to get everyone together and then we were asked to leave the pool area.  I would have understood completely if we were being disrespectful, but we weren’t.  That is not anything that Merlin Guesthouse did wrong, that was just the way it went down.  I would stay there again in a heartbeat!!  It was awesome!!  I liked how we were only one block from Duval Street.  What a wonderful stay!

Thanks for a wonderful experience 🙂

Scott and Darla Clark

By: August 22, 2014

5 / 5 stars