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Simply Fabulous!


I have never been to the Keys or even Florida for that matter. When I pulled in front to check in, I was super worried about where I was going to park…

Linda checked me in and I have to say, what a wonderful lady. Very kind. When I inquired where I should park she went out with me and looked and saw a place and stood out there until I went around the block and parked. The next day when I asked about things to do like bicycle renting she was more than happy to go through a couple different options for me. I asked a lot of questions and she was on point in answering them.

The room (room 11) was fabulous. Well appointed linens and a super comfortable bed. The bathroom was pretty small, but I am not in Key West to hang around in the bathroom. The rest of the room was huge and tatefully done.

I stayed for two days and wanted to stay a third because I liked it so much, but the guesthouse was booked…it was time for me to move on anyhow. Great experience.


Restaurant Review: 4 Pineapples

The places I went were really good. A bit expensive, but hey, it’s Key West. I expected it

Attraction Review: 4 Pineapples

Linda suggested a kayak outfit called Bigdog or something like that. Very fun. Very enjoyable


By: on September 22, 2012
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5 / 5