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Andrea and I came to Key West on Friday, November 23, 2012 and stayed two nights at the Cypress House. Though this was my tenth trip to Key West in the past 25 years, and Andrea’s second though the first was simply a day visit while on a cruise, I had never stayed any place outside of a hotel. This time my intention was to do what I could to introduce Andrea to the side of Key West beyond the Duval Street experience and try to bring a little more historical imagery into our time spent on the island. The centerpiece to that was to stay in an inn somewhere in “the neighborhood” and the Cypress House was my choice. We truly enjoyed the experience.

It was so nice to be away from Duval Street, to readily access and walk the surrounding streets, to try the establishments that the “Duval Crawlers” generally don’t visit, and relax somewhat. I did throw a lot at Andrea by us walking a substantial portion of west Key West but she did enjoy it. Yes, we were on Duval Street (sadly it has turned into any other tourist trap I have been to and has lost so much of its charm of so many years ago, but oh well), yes we found a few new places coupled with a few old haunts, but we knew that each night we would return to quiet comfort of the Cypress House.

The staff were terrific, the restfulness was comforting, the Happy Hour was “happily enjoyed” and the breakfast sparked the start of each morning. We had a wonderful stay at the Cypress House and if and when we once again are able to return to Key West you can be assured that we will try to include the Cypress House, or maybe one of the other related properties, in our consideration for our island habitation. As well, I will encourage others in our circle who might want to visit Key West, to strongly consider experiencing what we did by staying at the Cypress House.

Thank you for helping us have a truly enjoyable visit to Key West.


Marty Piepenbrok, and in concert with Andrea Haze

November 27, 2012

By: November 28, 2012

5 / 5 stars