Sebago Bugeye Backcountry Eco Tour

Explore Key West’s Backcountry On This All-Day Eco Tour!

POSTED – June 19, 2018

Key West’s Newest Schooner Eco Tour

Sebago’s Bugeye Backcountry Adventure Eco Tour combines three great Key West adventures into one day: a Key West schooner sail, a guided kayak tour of mangrove islands and a snorkel tour of sponge gardens. Discover the diverse ecosystem of Key West’s backcountry in one awesome all-day tour.

This intimate nature tour is limited to only 16 passengers, providing you with ample seating and room to spread out for your relaxing day on the tropical water. Departing from Key West’s Historic Seaport, the Appledore Star’s sails are unfurled for an authentic sail experience on the way to Key West’s backcountry. If you always wanted to sail a tall mast wooden ship, this is your chance to help raise the sails and take a turn at the wheel. We encourage passenger participation!

Sebago’s own catering kitchen prepares a fresh continental breakfast to start your tour, offering such goodies as fresh pastries, quiche, tropical fruit and fruit juices.

Your day is spent exploring Key West’s uninhabited mangrove islands in the Key West National Wildlife Refuge. The shallow-drafted Appledore Star is the perfect design for your eco adventure, being a replica of historic bugeye schooners that dragged for oysters in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. Keep an eye out for dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays and many other wildlife that call the Refuge home. Your captain knows where dolphins are frequently seen and will let you know if he spots any.

Upon reaching the mangrove islands, the schooner anchors up and our exploration begins. Your day is divided between guided kayaking tours and guided snorkeling tours. For kayaking, your crew will help you into your stable sea kayak, providing paddling instructions. Don’t worry if you aren’t used to paddling – the warm, shallow water is calm, sheltered by the uninhabited mangroves, making kayaking a breeze. This is where you will experience the best kayaking in Key West.

On your kayaking tour, the crew talks about the mangroves and their important role as nurseries to the sea. Learn how mangrove trees survive in salt water and about the varied marine life that inhabit Key West’s unique mangrove ecosystem. Did you know that several hundred species of birds call these mangroves home? On a typical day, you may see ospreys, frigates, blue herons, bald eagles and even roseate spoonbills. In the water, look for sea turtles, dolphins, manta rays and tropical fish.